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Let’s go

It’s been a week now, that we started cycling. Time goes so fast and we already settled in a new rhythm.

After a week in the Chamonix valley, a wonderful New Year’s eve and some nice hikes/skiing, we said goodbye to France. Xavier’s father took us by car to Torino where we met Nicolas. Xavier and Nicolas have been studying together and when Xavier asked Nicolas if we could spend a night at his place, Nicolas agreed and even offered us to join us for about two weeks.

We cycled down the Adriatic coast, which is pretty hilly. We mostly followed roads along the coast, going slightly up and down but we also took shortcuts through the countryside. We crossed the island of Pag, on a kind of moon scenery.

Concerning sleeping, we had some really nice wild campings and some Couchsurfing and Warmshowers hosts.

From the train from Torino to Trieste, the weather seemed quite bad but we were lucky this all week and didn’t get any rain apart from one night in a camping, where we could hide and cook while it was raining. The wind blows sometimes against us and we have to cycle close to avoid losing too much energy. We were afraid of cycling in January but it’s not as cold as expected: it can get warm during the day while cycling and at night it was fine in our good sleeping bags. We even got tanned.

Check out where we are now and all our pictures!


  1. Great start of a long trip. Let’s wish this warm feeling of enjoyment will last for ever. Nice pictures we hope you’ll share all along your trip. Vincent

  2. Bravo les cyclovoyageurs!Alors combien de km?

    • Salut Nathalie, merci pour ton message !
      On est actuellement à Žuljana en Croatie et on a presque fait 600 km déjà !

  3. Nice report and pics!
    -Sounds you had a good start and do good in the first days of your adventure!

  4. Gorgeous start of the adventure, so happy to read everything is going great. It’s going to be amazing, so enjoy it!!
    See you soon, at some point on your xavanture 😉
    Take care and a huge, huge hug for you two.

  5. Coucou Angélique et Xavier
    Nous sommes contents de voir que ça y est vous êtes partis.
    Nous vous suivons sur votre blog.
    C’est cool et nous vous faisons des gros bisous 😀😘
    Mamirese et papijean

  6. Bravo pour ses magnifiques photos. Vous avez l’air heureux et nous sommes heureux pour vous.
    Puisse le vent se calmer un peu ou vous pousser
    De tout coeur avec vous

  7. Hey, nice to see you guys are on the road now. Great pics. Really like how you’ve st up this blog. I might have to copy it! 🙂


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