Discover the way we want to ride

The idea

We’ve always wanted to travel for a year or more around the world (or at least one continent) and slowly enjoy everything. After months of thinking, we tried and cycled from Vienna to Zagreb for two weeks and a half.

As everything went well, we decided to go further. Our goal was to reach South-East Asia without taking a plane.


Why by bicycle?

  • Always on the move: doing sport every day
  • Outdoors: always outside immersed in the local life
  • Independence: free to go wherever we want, whenever we want
  • Ecological: without arming the earth

ITINERARY: planning vs. reality

Our initial goal was to reach the Pamir Highway in Tadjikistan. Until this point, our route was quite clear. We never knew exactly which route to take but we had a direction. Once we did the Pamir, we were not sure anymore which way to take. When we left France, we had no idea about South-East Asia and where we would cycle there.

We were thinking of taking the Transiberian through Russia on the way back. However we had new ideas while travelling. After talking with other travellers, we thought of including Japan and South Korea in the loop. But our plans have changed and we’re cycling further south! Let’s see what happen!

Planned itinerary from home: to SEA and back

Planning through Planificateur

Itinerary cycled up to now: ideas are changing while cycling