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Hungary, part 2

After two days in the lovely Budapest, we’re back on the Danube. Entering and exiting big cities is always annoying – going up and down on the side walk, waiting at every red light, being very careful about both, cars driving fast and pedestrians crossing at any time – but worth the beauty of the old town. Soon we’ll reach the river and the peaceful coutryside again. However our extra wheel (carrying probably too much) is showing signs of weaknesses. We think about taking a train to reach the next big city but we fix it how we can and decided to carry on for the next 50km to Dunajvaros. For a moment, we thought this could be the end of the trip but we reached the camping without anymore trouble. Surprisingly, we met Jan again, who started his trip in Frankfurt and will go first to Istanbul and maybe further. Cyclo-tourists are many on the Danube, everyone with a different project, goal and rhythm.

The next morning in Dunajvaros city centre, our goal is the get the bike fixed. The owner of Aquarius Bike understands quickly our problem and after a short talk, the Hungarian team quickly and strongly fixes the extra wheel without asking anything in exchange. Angélique took the opportunity to buy a front bag for her bike and we sent some extra stuff per post back to Lindau, in total about 5kg less on our extra wheel. It will roll until the end of our trip without any more problem and pass the mountains as well.

On the road, we met Guillaume and Pablo, two Frenchies travelling on a special tandem and Freddie, an English guy who was biking along them for a while. We spent two nights wild camping with them. Every time, we say goodbye but always meet again. We spend the next night with Freddie in a little paradise along the Danube in Croatia and without mosquitoes.

In small villages in Hungary and in the north of Croatia, many local people are biking to go shopping. Too bad that people are taking cars for 500m where we live.


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