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Hungary part 1: To Budapest

From the bridge between the two Komárno city, we crossed for the first time the border to Hungary. On the road to our next host, we discovered a new culture, tasty food and used for the first time a new currency: the hungarian Forint (1 EUR = 315 HUF).

As the day before was good, we were planning to bike again 90km till our next WarmShowers host on the riverside of the Danube. However we may have bitten off more than what we can chew and stopped after 70km in the wonderful city of Ezstergom. After a night at the camping, we headed to the last 70km till Budapest. On the way, we took a ferry to a long island on the Danube and biked in a more quiet place.

We reached Budapest a day in advance and after 350km, we could spent 2 full days in the hungarian capital city. Time to rest before heading south.

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  1. Cool, we really liked Esztergom too… Except that a bike of ours got stolen their and it cut our trip short… We had to take the train back to Sonthofen…

    How are the legs?


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