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First days: Austria and Slovakia

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We started on Wednesday, took a train from Bregenz to Vienna and tasted there Sachertorte.



En sortant de Vienne

La cathedrale de Vienne

J1: 70km, everything is fine! After some days, we’re already in the next capital city: Bratislava. Our host Marek is happy to show us around and have some beers with us.

Biking along the Danube goes on and we’re already further away than planned. We’ll spend a last night in Slovakia before going on to Hungary.


  1. FKK!?

    Looks like the weather has been good to you guys so far. Hope it holds this week.

    • Yes, we were mostly lucky! It rained on our arrival in Bratislava but a WarmShower was waiting for us and in the morning in Budapest but we could take the time to post some pictures 🙂

      About the FKK, we just took the way out of Vienna and there was the sign on the cycle path (and plenty of FKK lying in the sun). Surprising to us.

  2. never bet on the weather quality in that part of the world!!!!
    Anyway enough beers along the road to keep up!

  3. Pensons tres fort à vous aujourd’hui : neige sur le Jura ce matin …et diner indien ce soir avec vos épices (merci chef Vincent).
    Bonne route à tous les 2 et merci pour les photos


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