Discover who’s behind this adventure



Xavier grew up in the Alps and enjoys sport. He studied engineering and has been working for more than two years in the automotive industry. He is a very enthousiastic person, some could say he is kind of hyperactive. Both motivated and motivating, he keeps always a big smile. As a child, he discovered the moutains and started climbing and skiing and keeps moving around in the mountains by ski, bicycle, sometimes just hiking. 

When Xavier and Angélque first cycled together, friends back home were wondering if he will wait for her if she isn’t fast enough to follow. He did! 



Angélique comes from the center of France. She studied English, German and business and has spent five years and a half in Germany. She loves travelling.

She’s that kind of person that goes along with anyone: little chidren as well as old people, similar nature to hers or fundamentally opposed; maybe because she is a good listener, a very kind and respectful person. She is gifted with an outstanding open-mindess and a free spirit driving her through life on the most various paths you could ever imagine. 

Genesis of the project

Xavier and Angélique met in Lindau on the German side of the Lake of Constance, close to Austria and Switzerland. Together they travelled in Europe mostly for climbing and/or camping trips. They also had the opportunity to visit one good friend in India. 

However this was not enough for them as they both wanted to explore the world for at least a year. So they started to think what they could do together. As Xavier already did several cycling trips, he was convinced this was the best way to travel. 

After spending two and a half month biking 1.200 km from Vienna to Zagreb, they took the decision to leave everything behind and go for a longer trip.