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24 hours in Bosnia

Following our way till our Warmshowers host Nemanja, we cross the Sava dike under the threat of the thunder but we get no rain and reach happily Bosnia. After meeting our host, we go to some italian friends of him for tasty home-made pizzas. Thanks Valentina and Anna Rita, we had delicious pizzas and a great evening at their place. It was a nice and unexpected evening with view on the Sava, which is separating Bosnia from Croatia.

On the next morning, Nemanja is preparing for us a nice Serbian breakfast (yes, we are in Bosnia, but in this part of the country, some people are Serbs) : sausage, eggs and cheese. Now we’re full of energy and ready to… leave at 13h30 after long talks. No worries, we drove longer on the day before and we only have 40km to drive.

Still driving along the Sava on the Bosnian side, we cross lots of small villages and few traffic. Just after lunch, Smael comes to us. Biking next to us, he talks with us in German and invite us to take a coffee. He could have hosted us for the night, but we still have to drive some dozen of kilometres. So we enjoy a coffee and a nice talk about his life and his daughters, who went far away to study. We start again and Xavier’s tyre gets flat. It has to happen at least once in a biking trip. While Xavier is starting to fix it, a man comes to him to offer his help, while his mother brings us a elder tree syrup (and talks a lot in a language that we anyway don’t understand).

Short stay in Bosnia but lots of nice encounters.


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